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NameExperimental Ward on Kill
Level requirement0
Applies To
Modified Stats
Ward Gain on Kill - added
Instantly gain ward. Ward is a temporary shield that decays over time based on the amount you currently have.
Ward Decay Threshold - added
Ward does not decay below your Ward Decay Threshold and ward below the threshold does not contribute to decay rate. For example if you have a Ward Decay Threshold of 500 then ward will not decay below 500 and ward decay rate at 1000 ward will be halved.
Scaled Values
Item type
4 to 5
+(40 to 50)
6 to 7
+(51 to 67)
8 to 10
+(68 to 90)
11 to 14
+(91 to 120)
15 to 20
+(121 to 160)
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