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DescriptionMax Instances
Abyssal Infusion
Grants void penetration with melee attacks
Abyssal Rite
Your next elemental spell deals additional spell void damage and has additional void penetration10
Active Dread Shades
The number of Dread Shades you control.
Active Infernal Shades
The number of Infernal Shades you control.
Adrenaline Rush
5% more Flurry damage and 5% increased attack speed
Aerial Prowess
Restore 6 health and deal 2% more damage and consume when you use Aerial Assault.
Next spell has increased healing
Increases armour and fire and cold damage20
Next Melee attack deals increased damage and grants Aspect of the Shark
Arcane Momentum
Increases Cast Speed
Arcane Shield
Reduces damage taken and grants ward per second4
Multistrike will hit an additional nearby enemy per stack2
Arrow Storm
Increases Bow Attack Speed1
Arrow Storm Cooldown
Arrow Storm is on Cooldown1
Aspect of the Panther
Increases Damage2
Aspirant's Arrival
Your next Glyph of Dominion or Runic Invocation costs less mana and deals more damage1
Aurora's Time Glass Cooldown
While on cooldown Aurora's Time Glass cannot restore your health1
Increased Melee Damage
Black Arrow
Augments your next Bow Attack1
Blade Weaving
Your next melee attack that costs 10 or more mana will deal more damage10
Bleed Overload
You deal 15% more physical damage over time to bosses and moving enemies.1
Bleeding Fury
Increased bleed chance3
You take less damage and have increased armour1
Bone Armor
Bone Armor is on cooldown (Negative)
Bone Armor
You take less damage.1
Bow Mastery
Buffs from recent bow attacks that have hit at least one enemy.
Chilled Touch
You deal more damage to chilled enemies1
Increased cast speed and movement speed1
Your next spell refunds its mana cost.1
Your next elemental melee attack costs 0 mana.1
Coagulated Blood
Casting Rip Blood with 4 Coagulated Blood stacks will create a Coagulated Blood Orb.4
Cold Infusion
10% more cold damage per stack, 6% less fire and lightning damage per stack10
Cold Overload
80% less cold damage (Negative)
Communion of the Erased
Stats on Communion of the Erased are doubled1
Concentration Cooldown
You do not have the Concentration buff1
Grants more damage to your next Serpent Strike
Core of the Mountain Cooldown
Core of the Mountain's damage Immunity effect cannot trigger until this cooldown expires (Negative)
Increases fire damage and cast speed1
Crusader's Fury
Physical Penetration from Lunge
Damned Overload
You deal 1% more damned damage to enemies per 2% missing health on you and per 2% missing health on the target.1
Dawn to Dusk
Your next Two Rune Invocation deals additional spell damage and has increased area1
Multiplies movement speed and damage1
Increases health and mana regen1
Bleed chance and increased bleed duration
Destructive Intensity
Chaos Bolts target a 6% reduced area and have +1% critical strike chance per stack8
Dormant Energy
Your next Surge is granted more damage.
Dusk to Midnight
Your next Three Rune Invocation deals additional spell damage and has increased area1
Earth Armor
Grants 2 armor and 1 endurance threshold per attunement
Earth Shattering
Your next Fury Leap or Earthquake consumes all Earth Shattering to gain 20% physical penetration and 20% increased area per stack2
Elemental Arrows
Adds fire and lightning damage to your next bow attack.
Elementalist's Call
Your next non-channeled elemental spell has additional elemental penetration and increased area1
Enchant Weapon
Enchant Weapon active1
Eternal Eclipse Fire Attack Cooldown
Every 2 seconds you next fire melee attack deals additional void damage and has additional time rot chance1
Eternal Eclipse Void Attack Cooldown
Every 2 seconds you next void melee attack deals additional fire damage and has additional ignite chance1
Falsewater Fury
+100 Melee Fire Damage1
Farwood Heart
Increases cold damage and freeze rate multiplier4
Fire Aura Stacks
Surrounds you with an aura of fire for 4 seconds that deals fire damage each second to nearby enemies.
Fire Infusion
10% more fire damage per stack, 6% less cold and lightning damage per stack10
Fire Overload
80% less fire damage (Negative)
Adds melee fire damage and increases the range of Firebrand
Flame Drinker's Blade
Adds Physical Penetration
Flame Rush Stats
Buffs from having used Flame Rush recently.1
Use Unique Skills to build up Flow
Fresh From the Forge Melee
Next Melee attack has increased physical and fire damage
Fresh From the Forge Throwing
Next Throwing attack has increased physical and fire damage
Frozen Sleeper
Your next Frost Claw will release Ice Spirals
Frozen Vengeance
Expended on Melee Hit to buff minions and freeze enemies8
Gathering Fury
5% increased attack speed10
Gladiator Of Lagon
Added Spell Damage
Golden Aegis
Grants block chance but lost on block4
Grace Period
You are Invulnerable and cannot be targeted. Ends after using an ability or after a brief period of time.1
Hackar's Phoenix Cooldown
The auto revive effect from Hakar's Phoenix is on cooldown (Negative)
Hammer Stance
Increases damage dealt and taken1
Harrowing Claim
At 2 stacks, your next Harvest will be significantly stronger2
Heaping Cold
Time remaining until Frost Wall's Heaping Cold activates (Negative)
Progress towards casting Tornado
Increases attack and cast speed and grants health gained on hit1
Huntress's Advantage
You deal more damage to slowed or immobilized enemies1
Ice Barrage Active
Firing Icebolts with Ice Barrage1
Ignite Overload
You deal 1% more fire damage to ignited enemies per 20% global ignite chance for fire skills (includes generic ignite chance).1
While your burning Amber is attached to you, it loses illumination when you are hit, reducing the radius at which it illuminates enemies. The illumination lost depends on the damage dealt as a percentage of your maximum health. Illumination can be restored by slaying an Amber Elemental. Enemies outside the Amber's light deal much more damage and taken much less damage.100
Imbued Runestone Cooldown
Remaining time until you can create an Imbued Runestone again. (Negative)
Reduces damage taken from hits by 4% per stack15
Infernal Hunger
Your next direct cast of Soul Feast will trigger an additional cast per stack1
Increases damage and critical strike chance1
Increases elemental damage and ward retention1
Inspired Hunger
Increases damage over time1
Iron Mastery
Increases armour and damage1
Jade Arrow
Augments your next Bow Attack1
Jade Dust
Your minions have +50% chance to poison on hit, tripled for throwing attacks1
Julra's Stardial
Stats from Julra's Stardial are tripled1
Julra's Stardial Cooldown
Julra's Stardial is on cooldown1
Lagon's Slumber
Your next direct cast of Maelstrom will trigger an additional cast per stack1
Lethal Cadence
Every third attack deals increased damage2
Lightning Aegis
Take less damage and deal increased lightning damage1
Lightning Infusion
10% more lightning damage per stack, 6% less fire and cold damage per stack10
Lightning Overload
80% less lightning damage (Negative)
Locust Swarm Stacks
Surrounds you with locusts that deals physical damage each second to nearby enemies.
Maelstrom Stacks
Surrounds you with a maelstrom of ice for 8 seconds that deals cold damage each second to nearby enemies.
Mountain's Endurance
Reduces mana cost of skills and converts dodge rating to endurance threshold3
Nether Coating
Buffs from Abyssal Echoes1
Never Late
Your next spell has bonus crit chance and spell damage1
Adds spell damage and increases cast speed5
Oil Coating
Increased fire damage
Patient Doom
Next Melee attack deals increased damage
You deal increased damage
You deal increased damage over time13
Poison Overload
You have +4% Poison Penetration per stack of poison on the target, up to 100 stacks.1
Next spell deals bonus damage1
Protective Legacy
Buffs granted from having channelled Rebuke1
Rapid Strikes
When you directly use Puncture it has increased attack speed and a stack is consumed. Stacks are refreshed 4 seconds after the first stack is consumed.
Reactive Ward
Reactive ward is on cooldown1
Reactive Ward
Soul Ward is on cooldown1
Reapers Ascendance
Increased Spell Damage25
Reckless Frenzy
You deal more damage and move faster, but take increased damage.1
Reen's Ire
Increases fire damage over time and adds melee critical strike multiplier.
5% more damage
Rhythm of Fire
At max stacks using Flame Reave consums all stacks for more damage and range.
Increased damage over time and freeze rate multiplier1
Ruby Venom
Increases fire and poison damage
Rune Ember
You are releasing Rune Embers at nearby enemies100
Rune of Dilation
Increases cast speed and movement speed1
Buffs from hitting enemies with Runebolt3
Runic Energy
Your next Runic Invocation deals 2% more damage per stack of Runic Energy
Sacred Forge
Your next Judgement or Forge Strike deals more damage.
Scrap Metal
More Armour and Rive Damage
Searing Blades
+2 melee fire damage +20% melee ignite chance
The current number of active Shadows you have.
Shiver Armour
Grants armour, cold protection, chance to chill on hit, and chance to chill attackers.1
Sigil Of Hope
Active Sigils of Hope5
Sky Signal
Your falcon deals more damage
Soul Embers
Can be used for Soul Gambling after clearing Soulfire Bastion. Can be expended to switch between necrotic immunity and fire immunity.
Spirit Shards
When you have 13 Spirit Shards your next use of Harvest deals more damage and grants you mana. It also grants your minions more damage for 4 seconds.13
Static Charges
Cast Static to release charges to deal lightning damage to nearby enemies based on the number of charges.
Storm Claw
Next Swipe deals additional base lightning damage.1
Storm Stack
Casts Storm Bolt at a nearby enemy every second
Summon Revenant
Summon revenant is on cooldown1
At 6 stacks, your next Elemental Nova will have significantly increased area of effect5
Teleport Stats
Temporary stats granted by Teleporting recently1
Thorn Barrier
Adds Armor and explodes in a burst of ice Thorns.
Thorn Shield
Adds Armor and explodes in a burst of Thorns.
+3 Spell Damage and +15 Endurance Threshold from Tormenting yourself
Transcriber of Power
You have 8 additional spell damage and 8% increased cast speed1
Trinity of Flames
Every 3rd Fire Spell is guaranteed to crit, but has 36% less crit multiplier.3
Tu'rani's Thunder
Adds spell lightning damage
Unsealed Mana
Gain mana after 3 zero cost skills in a row2
Used Potion Recently
Buffs from using a potion in the last 4 seconds are active1
Vaion's Chariot
Every 3 seconds Vaion's Chariot causes your next movement skill to deal more damage. This effect is currently ready to trigger.1
Vaion's Chariot Cooldown
Every 3 seconds Vaion's Chariot causes your next movement skill to deal more damage. This effect is currently on cooldown. (Negative)
Traveling back in time has increased your speed.1
Melee and Throwing attacks have +3% bleed chance and 1% increased bleed effectiveness per 1% uncapped physical resistance.3
Void Aegis
Reduced Damage Taken1
Void Barrier
6% less void damage taken per stack6
Void Cleave Fury
More damage with next Void Cleave1
Void Cleave Fury
More damage with next Void Cleave1
Void Supremacy
Next Erasing Strike deals more damage to Slowed targets.1
Void Supremecy
Next Void Cleave deals more damage to Slowed targets.1
War Slash
Slashes nearby enemies when Warpath ends.1
Wings of Lightning
The next attack from one of your Storm Crows chains 2 additional times
Withering Overload
Increases Damage and Critical Strike Chance3
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