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1Enemy Item Drop ChanceEnemies have a 35% chance of dropping twice as many items.1
2Upgraded Rune of Ascendance45% chance for Runes of Ascendance to be preserved when used on an item that requires at least Circle of Fortune Rank 1.1,000
3Idol Drop ChanceWhenever an Idol drops, there is a 25% chance for two more to drop at the same time.6,000
4Exalted Affix ChanceAffixes are 50% more likely to be Exalted.23,000
5Monolith Echo Reward Upgrade35% chance for double rewards from Monolith Echoes.75,000
6Legendary Potential ChanceUniques are twice as likely to have Legendary Potential.150,000
7T7 Affix ChanceT7 Affixes are twice as common.300,000
8Rare to Exalted ChanceItems that would drop as Rare have a 25% chance of becoming Exalted.500,000
9Full Set Drop ChanceWhen a Set item would drop, the whole set drops instead.750,000
10Prophecy Reward UpgradeItems from Prophecies are duplicated.1,500,000
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