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Item Properties
Prefix 1 tier
Prefix 2 tier
Suffix 1 tier
Suffix 2 tier
Sealed affix tier
Experimental Affix Properties
Experimental affix type is determined by Total Affix Tiers
Total Tiers: 4
Experimental affix will be:
Experimental affix tier is determined by the following conditions:
  • Default tier: 1
  • +1 if the item has two suffixes that are the same tier
  • +1 if the item has a sealed affix of tier 2 or higher
  • +1 if the item has tier 7 prefix
  • +1 if the item is exalted
Experimental affix tier will be: 2
+(28 to 35) Dodge Rating
+(51 to 76) Endurance Threshold if you have not been Hit Recently
Tier: 2
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