Prismatic Gaze
Unique Bronze Casque
  • +75 Armor
  • Create a Prism Shard when you directly use an elemental skill that costs less than 40 mana
  • 5 Max Prism Shards
  • Prism Shards orbit you for up to 10 seconds and then expire. If released, they target the nearest enemy and explode, dealing elemental damage and shredding elemental resistances.
  • Release all Prism Shards when you directly use a skill that costs at least 40 mana
  • +(2% to 4%) Critical Strike Chance
  • +40% increased Critical Strike Chance
  • 10% to 5% less Elemental Damage Taken
Prism Shard
Create a prismatic shard that explodes on a nearby enemy, dealing elemental damage. Has 75% added damage effectiveness.
Base Damage: 5 Fire, 5 Cold, 5 Lightning
Scaling Tags: Elemental, Spell, Intelligence, Attunement
Time collapsing void Observation... destruction Bring her light with you
random drop (rare)Requires Level 60