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The Ashen Crown
Unique Silver Crown
  • +70 Armor
  • +(15% to 30%) Ward Retention
  • +2 to All Attributes
  • +(40% to 80%) of Physical Damage Taken as Fire
  • 40% to 80% Increased Spell Stun Chance
  • 10% to 20% Increased Stun Duration
  • Elemental Nova is now cast at the target location
  • Elemental Nova
    Casts a nova around you that deals fire, cold and lightning damage. All types of Elemental Nova that you have enabled have an equal chance to be cast.
    Scaling Tags: Lightning, Cold, Fire, Spell, Intelligence
  • The great crown of the regent of Wyvernfall, bestowed by Rahyeh, recovered from the ruins.
    Dropped By: random (common, level 42+ area)
    Gambleable: Yes
    Requires Level 42 Mage