• +36 Armor
  • +(18% to 42%) increased Elemental Damage
  • +1 to Lightning Spells
  • +(6% to 12%) Lightning Penetration
  • +(4 to 6) Intelligence
  • +1% Shock Chance per Intelligence
Set Modifiers
  • 2 Set:
    +1 Spell Lightning Damage per Intelligence
Set #15:
  • Vilatria's Storm Crown
  • Vilatria's Downfall
Studying at the great colleges of Welryn and Vul'Kaur, Vilatria perfected the art of Storm Magic. Yet a scholarly life never sated her ambition and she returned to the Lake kingdoms of central Eterra. Without a god to lead them, their lords and elders were proud and open to challenges of force. With the college of Welryn on their doorsteps, they were not unprepared for arcane challengers, but their wards could not protect them from the lightning that tore threw the roofs of their halls and smote them in their thrones, and so Vilatria claimed their kingdoms by force.
random drop (rare)Requires Level 42 Mage