Herald of the Scurry
Unique Horned Cowl
  • +142 Armor
  • +(3% to 5%) of Damage Leeched as Health on Hit
  • +(10% to 30%) increased Health
  • +(5% to 75%) increased Minion Dodge Rating
  • +(1 to 3) to Summon Wolf
  • Converts your Wolves into Squirrels
  • You can Summon Squirrels up to twice your Companion Limit
  • +(5% to 75%) Chance to Bleed on Hit for Squirrels
  • +(5% to 75%) Chance to Shred Physical Resistance on Hit for Squirrels
  • Howl is replaced by Sciurine Rage, which grants Squirrels 40% increased movement speed and melee attack speed for 4 seconds.
One squirrel, two squirrel, cute and furry Three squirrel, four squirrel, what's the hurry? Five squirrel, six squirrel, you should worry Run and hide, here comes the scurry!
random drop (rare)Requires Level 70 Primalist