Unique Sash
  • +3 Potion Slots
  • +(50% to 70%) Chance to Poison on Hit
  • +(50% to 70%) Chance to Slow on Hit
  • +(5% to 10%) increased Melee Attack Speed
  • +(45% to 60%) increased Dodge Rating
  • 7% Chance to Summon a Primal Serpent on kill with Serpent Strike
Summon Serpent
Summon a Primal Serpent, a melee minion that poisons on hit. They have an unlimited duration, but do not regenerate health. You are limited to one primal serpent at a time, but Primal Serpents do not count towards your companion limit. Primal Serpents have 500 base health.
Scaling Tags: Minion, Strength, Dexterity
Minion Tags: Physical, Poison, Melee
The bite of the viper brings lethargy and death.
random drop (common)Requires Level 6