• +3 Potion Slots
  • +(24% to 42%) increased Minion Damage
  • +3 Intelligence
  • +(24% to 42%) Fire Resistance
  • +3 Melee Fire Damage for Minions
Summon Skeleton
Summons a skeleton warrior or skeleton archer to guard you. You are limited to 3 skeletons at a time.
Scaling Tags: Minion, Intelligence
Minion Tags: Physical, Melee, Bow
Set Modifiers
  • 2 Set:
    +5% Chance to replenish one potion when Bone Golem hits an enemy
  • 3 Set:
    Your Summon Skeletons' spells and attacks deal +42 fire, cold or lightning damage. The element selected is your lowest elemental resistance.
Set #8:
  • Pebbles' Femur
  • Pebbles' Collar
  • Pebbles' Bitemarked Sash
As I lay in the ditch pulling my entrails back into my body, I wonder; who is the pet now? -Traveling Merchant
random drop (common)Requires Level 12