• +(50 to 100) Armor
  • +4 Potion Slots
  • +(30 to 145) Armor
  • +(30% to 45%) Void Resistance
  • +(30% to 45%) Poison Resistance
  • +(30% to 45%) Poison Resistance While Transformed
  • +(15 to 20) Rage gained every 3 seconds while in Spriggan Form
Spriggan Form
Transform into a forest spriggan, increasing your spell casting capabilities, and gaining 4 new abilities. Your mana is replaced with Rage while in spriggan form. When your Rage reaches 0 you automatically transform back into your human form. Your starting Rage is equal to your maximum mana. Rage slowly decays over time at a constant rate.
Scaling Tags: Physical, Spell, Minion, Totem, Buff, Transform, Attunement
“This branch will protect you, even when I can not.” - the last words Quiet heard from her forest friend.
random drop (common)Requires Level 50