Eterra's Path
Unique Brigandine Boots
  • +53 Armor
  • +(13% to 15%) increased Movement Speed
  • +(80 to 120) Health
  • You and your minions have 20% increased movement speed
  • You and your minions have (20 to 28)% increased healing effectiveness
  • Every second if you are moving you have a (20 to 28)% chance to cast Summon Vines
  • +1 to Entangling Roots
Entangling Roots
Call forth a wave of roots that grows outwards in a wide cone in front of you. The wave deals physical damage and roots enemies it hits for 1.5 seconds. Rooted enemies take physical damage over time until they are freed. Added spell damage applies at 100% to the initial hit and 200% per second to the damage over time.
Base Damage: 20 Physical
Scaling Tags: Physical, Spell, DoT, Attunement
Life grows in your footsteps.
random drop (common)Requires Level 30