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Eulogy of Blood
Unique Soul Harvester
Range 1.9
Base Attack Rate 1.09
  • +46 Melee Necrotic Damage
  • +(100% to 166%) increased Melee Necrotic Damage
  • +(100% to 166%) increased Minion Necrotic Damage
  • +(30 to 40) Melee Cold Damage
  • +(10 to 16) Minion Melee Cold Damage
  • +100% Chance to Bleed on Melee Hit
  • 30% to 40% Increased Bleed Duration
  • 30% to 40% Chance to Cast Rip Blood at 5 nearby targets on Melee Hit (3 second cooldown)
  • +(13 to 20) Health Gained from Rip Blood
Rip Blood
Rips blood out of a target enemy dealing physical damage to it. An orb of the blood is drawn back to you, restoring 10 health when it reaches you.
Base Damage: 15 Physical
Scaling Tags: Physical, Spell, Intelligence
Only the whispers of ghosts can be heard among the stillness of the crimson tundra.
Dropped By:
Formosus the Undying (rare, empowered only)Requires Level 83