Frozen Ire
Unique Ice Sceptre
Range 1.9
Base Attack Rate 0.98
  • +43 Melee Cold Damage
  • +43 Spell Cold Damage
  • +(43% to 143%) Freeze Rate Multiplier
  • +(80% to 120%) increased Cold Damage
  • +1 spell cold damage per 5 character levels
  • +2% freeze rate multiplier per character level
  • +1% necrotic resistance per character level
  • 15% chance to cast tundra nova on hit with cold skills (chance doubled against undead)
Tundra Nova
Cast a burst of frigid sleet to pelt enemies around the target.
Base Damage: 40 Cold
Scaling Tags: Cold, Spell, Intelligence, Attunement
An alliance of wengari and nomads gathered in the northern tundra, forging weapons of ice and preparing to reclaim Heoborea from the Immortal Empire.
random drop (common)Requires Level 33