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Boardman's Plank
Set Oak Sceptre
Range 1.9
Base Attack Rate 0.98
  • +21 Melee Physical Damage
  • +(10 to 17) Adaptive Spell Damage
  • +(15% to 35%) increased Minion Damage
  • 21% Chance to summon a Storm Totem on hit with Tempest Strike
  • +21 Lightning damage to spells and attacks when you are hit by Lightning from Storm Totem for 4 seconds. (stacks up to 3 times)
  • +(30% to 75%) Physical resistance to allies nearby Storm Totem
  • Your companions are Enraged when hit by your Storm Totem
  • Tempest Strike
    A melee attack that if it hits an enemy can trigger three different spells - Earth Spikes, Northern Winds, and Lightning Bolt - at a 20% chance each. Modifiers to attack speed instead apply to crit chance at twice their normal value, for both the melee attack and the spells.
    Scaling Tags: Physical, Lightning, Cold, Melee, Spell, Strength, Attunement
  • Set Modifiers
    • 1 Set:
      Limited to One Active Companion
    • 2 Set:
      Storm Totem can hit allies to grant 21 health
    • 3 Set:
      Storm Totem can hit allies to grant 21 ward
    Set #10:
    • Boardman's Plank
    • Boardman's Fallacy
    • Boardman's Legacy
    Unleash the Beast.
    Dropped By: random (rare, level 63+ area)
    Gambleable: Yes
    Requires Level 63