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Torch Of The Pontifex
Unique Maul
Range 2.4
Base Attack Rate 0.9
  • +38 Melee Physical Damage
  • 20% to 60% Increased Melee Stun Chance
  • +13 Spell Necrotic Damage
  • +(130% to 170%) Chance to Ignite on Hit
  • +(130% to 170%) increased Fire Damage Over Time
  • +13% increased Fire Damage Taken
  • You cremate enemies you kill, burning enemies around them
  • You have a 10% chance to summon a Burning Skeleton for 10 seconds when you cremate an enemy
Burns a corpse, dealing fire damage to surrounding enemies. Has a 10% chance to raise a burning skeleton from the remains.
Scaling Tags: Fire, Spell, DoT, Minion, Intelligence
Minion Tags: Fire, Spell
Pontifex Yulia, High Priest of the Immortal Empire, would sacrifice entire villages and raise burning soldiers from the ashes.
random drop (common)Requires Level 20