Bhuldar's Wrath
Unique Titan Femur
Range 2.4
Base Attack Rate 0.88
  • +96 Melee Physical Damage
  • +(16 to 32) Strength
  • +(65 to 90) Melee Fire Damage
  • +(200% to 400%) Chance to Shred Armour on Hit
  • 100% Chance to use Earthquake after using a Non-Channelled Movement Ability every 5 seconds
  • Earthquake is Converted To Fire
  • 100% of Armour Shred Chance Converted to Ignite Chance for Earthquake
Slam the ground with your weapon damaging enemies in a large area and creating 2 to 4 aftershocks nearby.
Base Damage: 2 Physical
Scaling Tags: Physical, Melee, Strength, Attunement
Shatter! Erupt! This world is only a prison for the immortal flame.
Dropped By:
Bhuldar, Herkir & Logi (common, 50% chance)Requires Level 76