Trident of the Last Abyss
Unique Dragonslayer Glaive
Range 3
Base Attack Rate 0.94
  • +107 Melee Physical Damage
  • +(4% to 7%) Melee Critical Strike Chance
  • +75% Fire Resistance
  • +(40 to 60) Melee Void Damage
  • +(50% to 90%) increased Void Damage
  • 100% Chance to cast Abyssal Echoes on Melee Kill (4 second cooldown)
  • +75% Void Resistance
  • +(5% to 7%) of Void Damage Leeched as Health on Hit
Abyssal Echoes
A nova that echoes from up to 8 enemies it reaches and applies abyssal decay. Enemies with abyssal decay take void damage over time for 6 seconds, if they take a hit all the damage from abyssal decay is dealt to them immediately.
Scaling Tags: Void, Spell, DoT, Vitality
The dark ocean of void lies still. Echoes are all that remain of the strife that preceeded it.
Dropped By:
Harton's Husk (common, 50% chance)Requires Level 79