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Unique Flamberge
Range 2.4
Base Attack Rate 1.1
  • +90 Melee Physical Damage
  • +(37 to 57) Melee Fire Damage
  • +(37 to 57) Spell Fire Damage
  • +(37% to 57%) increased Fire Damage
  • +7% of Fire Damage Leeched as Health
  • 10% chance to cast Magma Shards on melee hit
Magma Shards
Shards of magma splinter off, hitting enemies around you.
Scaling Tags: Intelligence, Attunement
Crafted in the Divine Era in the great forges beneath the mountains of Rahyeh.
Dropped By: random (common, level 58+ area)
Gambleable: Yes
Requires Level 58