Troaka's Teeth
Unique Nomad Quiver
  • +(25% to 40%) Chance to Bleed on Bow Hit
  • +(20% to 40%) Chance to apply Frostbite on Bow Hit
  • +(12 to 16) Bow Cold Damage
  • +(120% to 180%) Freeze Rate Multiplier
  • +(60% to 90%) increased Cold Damage
  • +100% of Bleed and Poison Chance converted to Frostbite Chance with Puncture
  • +60 Freeze Rate with Puncture
An extended melee stab or piercing bow attack that has a 30% chance to inflict bleed on hit. Bleeds inflicted by puncture have 30% increased duration.
Base Damage: 2 Physical
Scaling Tags: Physical, Melee, Bow, Dexterity
Many among the nomads had assumed Troaka slain along with her family, but in truth she still hunted out on the tundra and among the frozen lakes. Except she no longer hunted deer nor eber, only wengari.
random drop (common)Requires Level 44