Unique Spidersilk Quiver
  • +(25% to 60%) Chance to Slow on Bow Hit
  • +(25% to 60%) increased Damage Over Time
  • +(14% to 40%) Chance to Blind on Bow Hit
  • Enemies you blind cannot crit
  • 100% to 154% Increased Blind Duration
  • 10% to 14% more hit damage to Blinded Enemies with Multishot
  • +(10% to 14%) increased Bow Attack Speed while at Low Health
  • +(54 to 64) Bow Void Damage while at Low Health
Most flee from the encroaching void and cower beneath the soil, but those with greater aspirations do not run from power, however terrifying it might be. Hunt the rifts and you will find what you seek.
Dropped By:
Harton's Husk (rare)Requires Level 68