Life's Journey
Unique Bandit Shield
  • +19% Block Chance
  • +(215 to 275) Block Effectiveness
  • +(25% to 60%) increased Physical Damage
  • +5% of Current Health Lost per second
  • 30 to 50 Health Gain on Block
  • +(25% to 45%) Chance to apply a Spirit Plague on Melee Hit
  • +(3% to 5%) increased Melee Attack Speed
  • +(3% to 5%) increased Movement Speed
Spirit Plague
Curses a target with a powerful necrotic damage over time effect which lasts 3 seconds. Spreads to a single nearby target on target death.
Scaling Tags: Necrotic, Spell, DoT, Curse, Intelligence
Hold fast to the wheel of life, cling tight as it withers your skin and grinds your flesh to dust.
random drop (uncommon)Requires Level 36