The Fang
Unique Bone Amulet
  • +(13% to 40%) Physical Resistance
  • +(13% to 40%) Necrotic Resistance
  • +(50 to 75) Health
  • +(10 to 16) Melee Physical Damage for Minions
  • Your minions cannot be stunned
  • You can summon wolves up to your maximum number of companions
Summon Wolf
Summons a primal wolf that follows you into combat. When its health drops to 0 it is downed, and you can stand near it to revive it. The wolf counts as a companion. You can have a maximum of two companions at once by default.
Scaling Tags: Minion, Companion, Strength
Minion Tags: Physical, Melee
A wolf never hunts alone.
random drop (common)Requires Level 58