Unique Ruby Ring
  • +(28% to 45%) Fire Resistance
  • +(28% to 45%) increased Fire Damage
  • +(40% to 80%) Chance to Ignite on Melee Hit
  • +(40% to 80%) increased Fire Damage Over Time
  • +14 Melee Fire Damage
  • Flame Reave hits enemies in an expanding circle around you
  • +(4 to 10) Flame Reave Mana Cost
Flame Reave
A melee attack that release a wave of flames from your weapon cleaving through enemies in a cone infront of you. Deals up to 50% less damage to distant enemies. Deals 15 additional fire damage. Other added melee damage applies at 150% effectiveness.
Scaling Tags: Fire, Melee, Intelligence, Dexterity
Yield not snow, nor seas, nor sand to the flames of the sun, for it will consume all and remain unsated.
Dropped By: random (common, level 21+ area)
Gambleable: Yes
Requires Level 21