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Melvern's Writ
Unique Lost Journal
  • +(4% to 6%) Cold Resistance
  • +(4% to 6%) Fire Resistance
  • +1 Crossbow Mercenaries
  • +(70% to 90%) increased Minion Bow Damage
  • +(2% to 3%) Minion Bow Critical Strike Chance
  • 20% to 40% Increased Chance To Find Potions
  • +(6 to 8) Dexterity
Recruit Mercenary
Recruit a crossbow mercenary to guard you.
Scaling Tags: Minion, Dexterity
Minion Tags: Physical, Bow
"If Liath will not afford me guards I will purchase my own. Deliver this writ to Skalnir, along with the gold, and bring me back enough mercenaries to secure caravans to Vul'Kaur." - Trade Prince Melvern
random drop (rare)Requires Level 48
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