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Herkir's Vessel
Unique Copper Chalice
  • +(2 to 3) Health Regen
  • +(60% to 100%) increased Fire Damage
  • +(60 to 100) Health Gained on Potion Use
  • +(6 to 10) Spell Fire Damage for 4 seconds when you use a Potion
  • 100% Chance to cast Fire Aura on Potion Use
  • 30% to 60% Increased Fire Aura area
  • Fire Aura
    Deals fire damage in an area around you. Can be converted to cold or lightning.
    Scaling Tags: Fire, Spell, DoT, Intelligence
  • Drink deep of the flame, brothers... Immortality awaits.
    Dropped By: Spirits of Fire Timeline reward (rare)
    Gambleable: No
    Requires Level 76