Unique Grave Lantern
  • +(10% to 30%) Chance to Ignite on Hit
  • +(60 to 70) Health
  • +(120 to 210)% Chance to Ignite on Hit with Fire Skills and Necrotic Skills
  • 60% increased fire damage if you have killed an enemy recently
  • 100% increased armor while ignited
  • +100% of Hungering Souls Base Damage Converted to Fire
  • Hungering Souls Ignite on Hit instead of Possessing
Hungering Souls
Calls forth five hungering souls that seeks out enemies, on hit they deal necrotic damage and then possesses the target. Possessed enemies take necrotic damage over time for 1.5 seconds. Enemies cannot be possessed by multiple souls at once.
Base Damage: 9 Necrotic
Scaling Tags: Necrotic, Spell, DoT, Intelligence
The souls of the damned burn with eternal fire.
random drop (common)Requires Level 34