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Ucenui's Sphere
Unique Navigation Orb
  • +(20% to 40%) increased Cold Damage
  • +(20% to 40%) increased Lightning Damage
  • +(20 to 40) Mana
  • +(20 to 40)% Cold and Lightning Resistance
  • 100% Chance to Cast Water Orb when you hit a Boss or Rare Enemy (3 second cooldown)
  • 3 Water Orbs per cast if your Attunement is Equal to your Intelligence
  • 30% increased Cold and Lightning Damage for each Water Orb you have cast in the past 12 seconds
Water Orb
Cast a frigid orb of water to blast your enemy. Added spell damage is applied at 300% effectiveness.
Scaling Tags: Cold, Spell, Intelligence, Attunement
Ucenui the navigator used his water magic to explore the vast ocean beyond the Isle of Storms. His fate is unknown, but his instrument remains.
Dropped By: random (common, level 61+ area)
Gambleable: No
Requires Level 61