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Ucenui's Sphere
Unique Navigation Orb
  • +(20% to 40%) increased Cold Damage
  • +(20% to 40%) increased Lightning Damage
  • +(20 to 40) Mana
  • 100% Chance to Cast Water Orb when you hit a Boss or Rare Enemy (3 second cooldown)
  • +(20 to 40) Cold and Lightning Protection
  • 3 Water Orbs per cast if your Attunement is Equal to your Intelligence
  • 30% increased Cold and Lightning Damage for each Water Orb you have cast in the past 12 seconds
Ucenui the navigator used his water magic to explore the vast ocean beyond the Isle of Storms. His fate is unknown, but his instrument remains.
Rarity 0 (common) Can't be gambled
Requires Level 61