Diothaen's Bloody Nib
Unique Scrivening Quill
  • +(8 to 21) Ward per Second
  • You are inflicted with bleed when you hit an enemy with Shatter Strike
  • +2% Cold Penetration with Shatter Strike per stack of bleed on you
  • +1 to Shatter Strike
  • +(4 to 8) Dexterity
  • +(30% to 50%) increased Mana Regen
  • +(15% to 25%) Critical Strike Multiplier
Shatter Strike
A sweeping melee attack that strikes enemies in a circle around you dealing cold damage and instantly kills frozen enemies below 100 health.
Scaling Tags: Cold, Melee, Dexterity, Intelligence
"Some say the pen is mightier than the sword. Sacrificing your blood to write the words, now there’s real power." - Archmage Diothaen
random drop (uncommon)Requires Level 58 Mage