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Anchor of Oblivion
Unique Lost Anchor
  • +(15% to 25%) increased Armor
  • +(40% to 100%) increased Void Damage
  • +40% Endurance
  • +(40 to 100) Endurance Threshold
  • When a hit leaves you below your endurance threshold you are slowed and release a powerful Wave of Void (4 second cooldown)
  • +(10 to 14) Strength
Oblivion Wave
A devastating wave of void centred on the caster. Added spell damage is applied at 500% effectiveness. Applies three stacks of slow to the caster.
Base Damage: 200 Void
Scaling Tags: Void, Spell, Vitality
Hope pulls you forward, but the anchor ever stays your feet, as is the fate of mortals.
Dropped By:
Harton's Husk (rare, empowered only)Requires Level 80