Bloodkeeper's Nest
Unique Blood Encased Hive
  • +(6 to 10) Bees per 10 seconds while in Spriggan Form
  • Bees gain an additional (7 to 12) health and (7 to 12)% increased damage per point of your Attunement
  • Bleed inflicted by Bees has (4 to 6)% Physical Penetration per point of your Strength
  • When you directly cast Thorn Shield, the nearest Bee also gains Thorn Shield
  • +(32% to 56%) Chance to apply Frailty on hit for Bees
  • Minions leech 3% of Physical Damage as Health
  • Minions cannot deal Critical Strikes
Summon Bee
Scaling Tags: Minion, Attunement
random drop (rare)Requires Level 70