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Uethrin's Stand
Unique Birch Bow
Base Attack Rate 0.98
  • +18 Bow Physical Damage
  • +(2% to 3%) Critical Strike Chance
  • +(20% to 30%) increased Mana
  • +(45% to 60%) Cold Resistance
  • +(45% to 60%) Physical Resistance
  • +(15 to 25) Bow Physical Damage for Minions
  • +2 Maximum Ballistae
Summons a ballista that fires bolts at nearby enemies.
Scaling Tags: Minion, Dexterity
Minion Tags: Physical, Bow
Uethrin made his last stand on the shores of Lake Mawn. By dawn all that remained was a pile of Wengari bodies and his line of ballistae standing still and victorious upon the shore. His home was safe for another winter.
random drop (common)Requires Level 36 Rogue