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Reign of Winter
Unique Longbow
Base Attack Rate 0.92
  • +60 Bow Physical Damage
  • +(30 to 50) Bow Cold Damage
  • +(30 to 50) Spell Cold Damage
  • +(5% to 9%) Cold Penetration
  • 23% to 28% Chance to cast Icicle on Bow Hit
  • +(10 to 15) Attunement
Cast a shard of ice in the direction of your bow attack.
Base Damage: 100 Cold
Scaling Tags: Cold, Spell, Attunement, Dexterity
“For us to survive, others must suffer. One day you will accept this truth.” -Morditas, forsaken son of Heorot.
Dropped By:
Heorot (common, 50% chance)Requires Level 70 Rogue