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Fall of the Outcasts (level 58)
Distance from center
Mod effect multiplier: 100% | Mod duration: 1-1 echoes
Inc Rarity
Inc XP
All Resistances 10%5%enemies have +15% to all resistances.
Armour Shred 18%10%enemies have a 70% chance to shred armour on hit
Auto Heal Self 10%6%enemies heal if they have not been damaged recently
Crit Avoidance and Inc Health 10%6%enemies have 20% critical strike avoidance and 20% increased health
Crit Chance 15%6%enemies have +25% critical strike chance
Damage And Crit 15%10%enemies deal 12% increased damage and have 100% increased critical strike chance
Damage And Movespeed 15%10%enemies have 15% increased movement speed and damage
Damage On High Health 12%5%High health enemies deal 30% increased damage
DR On High Health 10%8%High health enemies take 25% less damage
Endurance 12%8%Enemies have 30% Endurance
Gains Frenzy And Haste When Hit18%5%enemies gain Frenzy and Haste when hit
Glancing Blow 15%5%enemies have a 35% chance to receive a Glancing Blow when hit
Inc Damage 15%8%enemies deal 25% increased damage
Inc Damage And Health 25%15%enemies have 25% increased health and damage
Inc Health 8%10%enemies have 30% increased health
Mark For Death 5%10%enemies have a 25% chance to apply Mark for Death on hit
Monster Power From Corruption Mod0%0%enemies have 0% more health and damage
Rare Cooldown 12%8%Rare enemies have 40% increased cooldown recovery speed
Rare Crit Until Approached 12%8%Rare enemies have high speed and crit chance until approached
Rare Inc Damage And Health 10%5%Rare enemies have 60% increased health and damage
Rare Regen 10%5%Rare enemies regenerate health
Undead Enemy Damage 10%8%Undead enemies have 25% increased damage and health