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Min Level
Added Crit Chanceof Loathing36High Critical Strike Chance
Added Dodge Ratingof Shadows4Has a Chance to Dodge Hits
Added Health Regenof the Lizard2Regenerates Health
Added Stun Avoidanceof Tenacity0High Stun Avoidance
Cold Damage and Protectionof Gales0High Cold Damage and Cold Resistance
Cold Shredof Winter28Shreds Cold Resistance on Hit
Crit Until Approachedof the Hawk8High Speed and Crit Chance Until Approached
Deadly If Not Damaged RecentlyPatient14Deadly if Not Damaged Recently
Enragesof Rage0Enrages at Half Health
Fire Damage and Protectionof Cinders0High Fire Damage and Fire Resistance
Fire Shredof Wildfire28Shreds Fire Resistance on Hit
Focusedof Focus15Focuses on Attacking Players
FracturesFracturing0Reinforcements on Death
Frenzies When Allies DieVengeful0Frenzies When Allies Die
Gains Damage When HitSpiteful0Briefly Gains Damage When Hit
Heals After Not Taking DamageHealing0Heals if Not Damaged Recently
Increased Attack Speedof the Lynx0Increased Attack Speed
Increased Damageof Blades10Increased Damage
Increased Healthof the Ox3More Health
Increased Movement Speedof Haste0Fast
Keeps Gaining Power In CombatRampaging58Keeps Gaining Power Once in Combat
Less Damage Taken From Distant EnemiesShrouded8Less Damage Taken from Distant Enemies
Lightning Damage and Protectionof Sparks0High Lightning Damage and Lightning Resistance
Lightning Shredof Lodestone28Shreds Lightning Resistance on Hit
Nearby Allies Take Less DamageProtective0Nearby Allies Take Much Less Damage
Necrotic Damage and Protectionof Souls0High Necrotic Damage and Necrotic Resistance
Necrotic Shredof Damnation28Shreds Necrotic Resistance on Hit
Physical Shredof Rending28Shreds Physical Resistance on Hit
Poison Damage and Protectionof Rot0High Poison Damage and Poison Resistance
Poison Shredof Affliction28Shreds Poison Resistance on Hit
Rampancyof Rampancy8Periodically Becomes Rampant
Resurrects SelfFamiliar0Revives After Two Seconds
Shock Chance and Damage per Shockof Thunder24 Shocks on Hit and Deals More Damage Per Shock
Shorter CooldownsUnrelenting0Has Shorter Cooldowns
SummoningSummoning0Summons Ethereal Reflections
TwinnedTwinned0Summons a Twin at Half Health
Void Damage and Protectionof Dread7High Void Damage and Void Resistance
Void Shredof Apathy28Shreds Void Resistance on Hit
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