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NameAn Ancient Path
ChapterChapter 2: The Ruined Future
TypeSide Quest
Experience Reward150
Gold Reward500
Passive Points Reward0
Idol RewardNo
Starting ZoneThe Precipice

In The Precipice defeat the Void Worm.

As you were traveling through The Precipice, an enormous creature made of Void erupted from one of the gorges, destroying the way forward. After its defeat, a rift in time opened up. This rift may provide a way forward.

  • Investigate the Time Rift

In The Ancient Cavern find a way to the other Time Rift.

You've entered the Time Rift that appeared in The Precipice, explore this place until you can find a way around the destroyed bridge.

  • Find a way to the other Time Rift

In The Ancient Cavern use the Time Rift.

Within The Ancient Cavern, you found a Time Rift that you think might bring you back to the time you were in, but on the other side of the gorge. Enter the Time Rift and see if your hunch is correct.

  • Use the Time Rift

Return to The Council Chambers and speak with the Chronomancer.

Crossing the gorge is the first time you've been able to predict how these time rifts and the shard of the Epoch work. You think it might be a good idea to try and find someone who might know more about these rifts. Go to The Council Chambers and find someone who might be able to answer your questions.


While traversing The Precipice, an enormous Void creature destroyed a bridge that was your only way forward. Fortunately, a rift in time opened nearby, allowing you to take an alternate path. You met with the Chronomancer in The Council Chambers in an attempt to find more information, she admitted relative ignorance but asked you to keep an eye out for more Time Rifts.

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