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NameDesert Treasure
ChapterChapter 9: Sands of Majasa
TypeSide Quest
Experience Reward3000
Gold Reward0
Passive Points Reward1
Idol RewardYes
Starting ZoneThe Radiant Dunes

You’ve come across some Silver Elementals that were guarding some very recently cracked open tombs. The culprits were likely the local Scalebane looking to make a quick buck by doing a bit of grave-robbing. Who’s to say you don’t pick up where they left off?

  • Enter the tomb hidden among the Dunes

You’ve entered the Tombs which are largely untouched. Dust is thick on every surface, but you can tell something has recently been traveling down these halls.

  • Explore the desert tomb

A large Gold Elemental was deep within the tombs and was rather upset with you for disturbing it! You’re not getting out of here without a fight.

  • Defeat the enraged Wealth Elemental!

The Gold Elemental appears to have been guarding a relic, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. With it gone, there’s nothing stopping you from taking it, though you’re unsure of its purpose.

  • Inspect the relic unearthed during the battle

The relic is finely made with exquisite craftsmanship. Perhaps someone in the city may be able to tell you more, or even take it off your hands for the right price if you decide to part with it.

  • Find someone who might know more about the relic

The merchant you talked with in Maj’elka wasn’t interested in purchasing the relic but pointed you in the direction of someone who might be able to tell you more.


You’ve come across the fence who has set up shop well away from prying eyes. They’d likely be able to tell you more about the relic you found.

You know nothing about the true value of the relic… but how hard can haggling be? The fence is clearly quite interested in it and is likely downplaying its significance… but everyone has their breaking point.

  • Speak with the Fence

You came across a relic in the deserted that a Gold Elemental was protecting. After speaking with some merchants in Maj'elka, one directed you to a fence in the Slums. After some light haggling, you managed to trade the relic for some coin.

Did you get a good deal, or were you ripped off? You can't be sure.

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