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NameFall of the Outcasts
ChapterChapter 14: Monolith of Fate
TypeSide Quest
Experience Reward1000
Gold Reward1000
Passive Points Reward0
Idol RewardNo

You have returned to The Outcast Camp in this timeline, but something is wrong. Sand and dust cover the cracked ground, and the camp seems to be destroyed.

Search The Outcast Camp for signs of the living.

  • Investigate the destroyed Outcast Camp

It’s as you feared; the Immortal Empire has overcome the Outcasts and destroyed The Outcast Camp. Nearby is a powerful barrier that is drawing power from somewhere in the settlement. If there are any survivors, they are likely beyond the barrier.

Find the barrier’s power sources and destroy them.

  • Defeat the necromancers powering the barricade

You found and destroyed the necromancers that were powering the barrier’s defenses. Hopefully, there are survivors beyond it.

Return to the barricade and tear it down.

  • Return to the barricade

Upon your return to the barricade, you heard the sound of scraping metal and bone behind you - Imperial reinforcements.

Defend yourself!

  • Defeat the imperial reinforcements

The barrier is destroyed.Now you can search the area it was guarding. Hopefully, you will find some signs that the Outcasts survived.

  • Look for signs of the missing Outcasts

At the end of the path, you encountered a terrible sight. Before you is an unholy structure of bone humming with necromancy. The bones look fresh.

Destroy the bone cairn.

  • Destroy the Bones of the Outcasts

Upon entering the timeline, you found yourself in The Outcast Camp after it had fallen to an Immortal Empire attack. After discovering how to break through a necromancy powered barrier, you found a terrible sight - An unholy monster made from the bones of the Outcasts.

You destroyed the bone cairn, though you can sense that their souls are still not at rest.

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