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NameFate of the Outcasts
ChapterChapter 14: Monolith of Fate
TypeSide Quest
Experience Reward1000
Gold Reward1000
Passive Points Reward0
Idol RewardNo

This place appears to be an Immortal Empire research facility. Any Outcasts that have been captured by the recent attacks may be here.

Search the area for the living captives.

  • Find the captured Outcasts

You found the Outcasts rounded up as prisoners, but you were too late. As soon as you arrived, the devices all around them activated with necrotic energy. The flesh of the prisoners was pulled apart and reformed in a sickening display, creating a towering creature full of pain and malice.

Destroy the Abomination!

  • Destroy the Abomination

You have destroyed the Abomination of flesh. In the center of the room, a swirling mass of soft ghostly lights has appeared where the creature fell. It has a familiar presence, a presence that you had fought to ignore during your battle with the Abomination.

Speak with the Amalgamate Souls.

  • Speak with the Amalgamate Souls

You found the Immortal Empire research facility holding the captured Outcasts, but you were too late. The Empire sacrificed the prisoners to create a towering Abomination that you managed to defeat.

In the wake of the battle, the fused souls of the Outcasts called out to you. Unable to live and unable to die, they asked for your aid in deciding how to spend their remaining thoughts before they fade. Your answer gave them some peace.

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