NameRahyeh's Warpath
ChapterChapter 7: The Might of Gods
TypeMain Quest
Experience Reward1200
Gold Reward1200
Passive Points Reward0
Idol RewardNo
Starting ZoneThe Gates of Solarum

Yulia kept the Immortal Emperor frozen while you fled through the portal opened by the Epoch. Safely through the portal, you appear to be the same chamber but in a different time. The iconography is not of the Immortal Emperor, but you do recognize it. The chamber honors the god of sun and fire.


Find a way out of the chamber.

  • Leave the chamber and examine your surroundings.

Travel down the mountain in the Outskirts of Solarum.

You've made your way out of the chamber of Rahyeh to find yourself on the outskirts of the city of Solarum. It appears the soldiers have recently moved out to fight. There is only one way down the mountain, and it is following right behind their heels.

  • Travel down the mountain.

Fight past Rahyeh’s forces in Heoborea.

Outside Rahyeh’s chamber that you were transported to is the outskirts of the city of Solarum. You followed the path down the mountain and, as you expected, you are now in the midst of one of Rahyeh's attacks. You have no choice but to fight your way through them.

  • Make your way past the forces of Solarum.

As you followed the path from the chamber down the mountain, you fought through Rahyeh’s attacking forces in what you now recognize as the northern lands of Heoborea. A massive elk with the features of a man, aglow with icy magic fights before your eyes. This is the god of the north.


In the distance, you can hear a dark metallic shriek drawing closer. Survive the battle!

  • Survive the battle between Rahyeh and Heorot.

Speak with Heorot in Heoborea.

As you followed the path down the mountain, you fought through Rahyeh’s attacking forces in the northern lands of Heoborea. There you found the mighty god of the north - Heorot.

You watch as he freezes and shatters wave after wave of Solarum soldiers until another great being swoops down from the sky. You watch a battle of gods as Rahyeh himself, a massive eagle of flame and metal, descended upon Heorot. In the midst of the great clash, Heorot has taken a grievous blow.

Rahyeh has fled and Heorot is fallen.

  • Speak with Heorot.

You watched in horrified awe as the two great gods clashed and Rahyeh dealt a deathly blow to Heorot. As you came to speak to the dying god, Heorot seemed to recognize something about you. He asked you to retrieve his lance to help you defeat Rahyeh. The Lance of Heorot, this must be the weapon that Yulia spoke of when she shouted for you to defeat the Immortal Emperor. To your great confusion, Heorot tells you that Yulia will help you.

Behind you stands a young and healthy woman – nothing like the undead woman you met in The Immortal Citadel, but her face is unmistakable – Yulia.

  • Speak with Yulia.

Meet up with Yulia and Heoborea.

As you speak to the dying Heorot and he tells you that Yulia will help you find the Lance of Heorot to defeat Rahyeh, Yulia herself appears behind you. She looks nothing like the Yulia you knew as an undead priestess; she is young and healthy.

After speaking with her, she agreed to cooperative with you in retrieving the Lance of Heorot. She has requested that you talk to her in Heoborea.

  • Find Yulia in Heoborea and speak with her.

After fleeing the Immortal Emperor, you found yourself back in the Divine Era, in the midst of one of Rahyeh's raids. In trying to make your way down the mountain, you found yourself in the middle of the conflict and coming face to face with Heorot, the god of the north.

After meeting Heorot, Rahyeh appeared and a battle between gods ensued. Rahyeh struck a fatal blow and then fled, leaving Heorot to bleed out on the snow. Heorot recognized something unique about you and requested that you retrieve the Lance of Heorot, the same weapon Yulia mentioned as the key to defeating the Immortal Emperor.

At this point, a different Yulia appeared, young and living, and upon speaking with her, she agreed to let you take the Lance once Rahyeh has been dealt with.