NameThe Admiral's Dreadnought
ChapterChapter 4: The Outcasts and the Empire
TypeMain Quest
Experience Reward800
Gold Reward500
Passive Points Reward0
Idol RewardYes
Starting ZoneThe Risen Lake

Travel from The Risen Lake west towards Thetima.

The Outcasts have asked you to find their mage, Alric. To the west is the coastal city Thetima, and within its harbor is Admiral Harton's Dreadnought, a massive warship of the Immortal Empire. Alric is a prisoner in the hold of the Dreadnought. Reach Thetima before the ship leaves the harbor!


Find a way into the Dreadnought in the Thetima harbor.

You have reached the coastal city Thetima, and the Dreadnought lies at the harbor, but it appears to be preparing to depart! If the ship sets sail, Alric may be lost forever. Fight your way through the city and make your way to dock to board the ship while you still have a chance!

  • Find a way into Harton's Dreadnought.

Search the Dreadnought to find Alric.

You boarded the Dreadnought just as it set sail; there's no turning back now! You searched deep within the hold of the ship, but Alric is not here. Admiral Harton must have moved him since the Outcast Seer's vision. You’ll have to search the ship to find him.

  • Search Harton's Dreadnought.

Defeat Admiral Harton on the Dreadnought!

Your search has brought you to the upper deck of the Dreadnought. At its end, you see a robed living human chained to a wall - Alric! Between you stands a massive, undead abomination that can only be Admiral Harton. Fight past Admiral Harton to free Alric!

  • Defeat Admiral Harton!

Speak with Alric in the Dreadnought.

You've defeated Admiral Harton, but you can already see the necromantic power crackling along his massive body; he will not be down for long. You do not have much time to free Alric and find a way off the Dreadnought.

  • Speak with Alric.

Jump off the deck of the Dreadnought!

You've freed Alric and asked if he has a plan to get the two of you off of the Dreadnought. He does: jump off the edge of the ship into the ocean below and hoping for the best. Here goes nothing!

  • Jump off the deck!

The Outcast mage known as Alric knows of a secret way into The Immortal Citadel, but he had been taken prisoner by the Empire. You tracked him to the inside of Harton's Dreadnought and staged a rescue. The undead Admiral Harton barred your way, but you managed to defeat him, if only temporarily. After freeing Alric's bonds, the two of you escaped the Dreadnought by leaping over the railing and into the sea below.