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NameThe Desert Waystation
ChapterChapter 5: Aid from an Oracle
TypeMain Quest
Experience Reward1000
Gold Reward1500
Passive Points Reward0
Idol RewardNo
Starting ZoneThe Oracle's Abode

Enter The Maj'Elkan Catacombs through The Oracle's Abode.

Spymaster Zerrick and his forces are constructing an artificial waypoint for the Immortal Empire. If they succeed, The Oracle has informed you that they might discover the secret passage into The Immortal Citadel. You must locate the artificial waypoint, use it to reach The Immortal Citadel, and disable it behind you! Use the Oracle’s secret entrance into The Maj'Elkan Catacombs to enter The Waystation Complex without alerting Spymaster Zerrick's forces.


Travel through The Maj'Elkan Catacombs to the Titan's Canyon.

Following the Oracle's advice, you have entered The Maj'Elkan Catacombs to find and destroy the waypoint. Navigate the depths of the catacombs to find the exit which will bring you to The Waystation Complex.


Travel from the Titan's Canyon to The Waystation Complex.

You have survived the Maj'elka Catacombs and emerged back into the city. Nearby, you can see the imposing silhouette of The Waystation Complex. Its black iron stands in dark contrast with the once proud Maj'elka around it. Enter The Waystation Complex and find the artificial waypoint!


Defeat Spymaster Zerrick in the Titan's Canyon.

At the center of a large room in The Waystation Complex is a large device that fits the description of the artificial waypoint. But something is not right. Standing near the artificial waypoint is Spymaster Zerrick looking at you with an unsurprised air of malice. He was waiting for you and you have walked straight into his trap. Survive!

  • Defeat Spymaster Zerrick!

Find the Artificial Waypoint in The Waystation Complex.

You entered The Waystation Complex and found a strange and disturbing sight. All throughout the building are devices made of bone and black iron, and everywhere are containers filled with the distilled essence of harvested souls. The artificial waypoint lies somewhere deep within The Waystation Complex.

  • Find the Artificial Waypoint.

Speak with Alric in The Waystation Complex.

You've defeated Spymaster Zerrick, but just like with Admiral Harton, his undead form is already crackling with necromantic energy. It seems the Immortal Emperor doesn't let his generals remain dead for long. A portal opens, and Alric steps out, already examining the artificial waypoint. Speak with him and find a way to get out of here.


Use the Artificial Waypoint in The Waystation Complex.

Alric is urgent as he tells you that the battle with Spymaster Zerrick damaged the artificial waypoint, the power fueling it cut off. He suddenly becomes calm as he gets an idea and tells you to trust him. Use the artificial waypoint!

  • Use the Artificial Waypoint.

Following the Oracle's advice, you traveled through The Maj'Elkan Catacombs to reach The Waystation Complex and the artificial waypoint hidden within. After finding the artificial waypoint, you were ambushed by Spymaster Zerrick, and though you defeated him, he will not be down for long. In the midst of the battle, the artificial waypoint was damaged. Alric arrives and, after inspecting it, tells you to trust him and use the artificial waypoint.

The portal brought you to the unfinished site of another artificial waypoint just below The Immortal Citadel in the mountains ahead. You must now continue to The Immortal Citadel and face the Emperor.

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