NameThe Immortal Empire
ChapterChapter 4: The Outcasts and the Empire
TypeMain Quest
Experience Reward600
Gold Reward600
Passive Points Reward0
Idol RewardNo
Starting ZoneThe End of Time

Speak with Elder Gaspar.

You have found yourself in a place known as The End of Time - the shattered remains of many timelines, including yours. Elder Gaspar has told you that there may be a way to save the world you came from. Speak with him again to learn more.


Approach the Time Rift in The End of Time and travel to the Imperial Era.

In speaking with Elder Gaspar, you learned that every shattered timeline in The End of Time has been destroyed by the Void. The only way to save your time is to stop the Void before it starts. Based on the stories of countless travelers, the most likely origin of the Void has to do with the dark ambitions of the Immortal Emperor. Feeding off the living, this Empire lives in an empowered state of undeath. Travel to the Imperial Era to stop him.

  • Use the Time Rift to travel to the Imperial Era.

Speak with the Outcast Queen in The Outcast Camp.

Based on the stories of countless travelers, the most likely origin of the Void has to do with the dark ambitions of the Immortal Emperor and you have traveled to the Imperial Era to stop him.

Your first step in your dealing with the Immortal Empire is to establish contact with the living rebels and their leader, the Outcast Queen.


From The Outcast Camp, travel west towards Welryn.

The Outcast Queen, leader of the living rebels who oppose the Immortal Emperor, has agreed to accept your aid in their fight. Her first task for you is to rescue one of their mages who has been captured by the Immortal Empire. This mage knows of a secret way into The Immortal Citadel, which may be instrumental in the Empire's defeat. He was last seen west of The Outcast Camp.

  • Travel west to Welryn.

Search Welryn for signs of the mage!

To aid in the fight against the Immortal Empire, the Outcast Queen has tasked you with rescuing one of their mages who has been captured. Your search has brought you back to the city of Welryn, more intact than you had seen it in the Ruined Era, but still filled with danger as the Empire's forces swarm its streets. Fight your way through and search for the mage.

  • Search Welryn for signs of the Outcast Mage.

Defeat the Immortal Empire commander in Welryn.

After searching the streets of Welryn, you found a group of living prisoners cornered by an Immortal Empire commander. Defeat the commander and save the remaining prisoners!

  • Defeat the Imperial Commander!

Speak with the surviving prisoner in Welryn.

You've defeated the Immortal Empire commander, but you were too late to save all of them. Only one prisoner survived. The living prisoner is not the mage you are looking for. Speak with her to discover if she knows where he might be.

  • Speak with the Outcast Prisoner in Welryn.

Find the Outcasts in The Risen Lake.

The surviving prisoner that you saved from the Immortal Empire commander knows of the mage you seek. His name is Alric. He was shipped off in the last transport of prisoners and she does not know where he could have been taken. However, he had given her a ring that he claimed was enchanted to hold a connection to him. One of the Outcasts hiding in the nearby Risen Lake may be able to use this ring to divine Alric's location. Take the ring to the Seer.

  • Find the Outcast Hideout in Risen Lake

Speak with the Outcast Seer in The Risen Lake.

After traveling west of Welryn, you entered The Risen Lake, or at least, it used to be a lake. The living had made their homes atop raised stilts and platforms over the waters. But now, all that is left is a swampy marsh, filled with the remains of those who lived here and the walkways are filled with the forces of the Immortal Empire.

After fighting your way through the undead you have found a corner of The Risen Lake where one of the Outcasts has hidden away. She appears to be the Seer that the prisoner told you of - the one who can help you locate Alric.


Defend the Outcast Seer in The Risen Lake!

The Outcast Seer took Alric's ring and began to use the enchanted connection to him to divine where he is being held. As her spell began to take shape, you heard the sound of undead approaching from behind you. The Immortal Empire followed you and has found the Outcast Seer. Defend her as she finishes the ritual!

  • Defend the Seer!

Speak to the Outcast Seer in The Risen Lake once again.

You managed to fight off the Immortal Empire's attack. After the fight, you see that the Outcast Seer is winded and in poor shape; one of the stray attacks from the undead must have hit her. She is wounded, but alive. Return to her and ask about the results of her divination to find Alric.


The Outcast Seer used her magic to locate Alric. To the west is the coastal city Thetima, and within its harbor is Admiral Harton's Dreadnought, a massive warship of the Immortal Empire. Alric is being held in the hold of the Dreadnought. You may be his only hope.