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NameThe Oracle's Aid
ChapterChapter 5: Aid from an Oracle
TypeMain Quest
Experience Reward900
Gold Reward900
Passive Points Reward1
Idol RewardNo
Starting ZoneThe Shining Cove

Speak with Alric in The Shining Cove.

You find yourself washed up on a beach, the sun above bearing down on you. You survived jumping from the deck of the Dreadnought. Judging by the soggy figure leaning against some debris nearby, it seems that Alric survived as well. Speak with Alric and see if he is okay.


Traverse the sands and reach Maj'elka!

After speaking with Alric, the two of you decide that the next course of action is to seek the aid of a nearby Oracle. The Oracle resides inside the walls of the city of Maj'elka, a place that was once known as the jewel of the desert. Unfortunately, the city is now under Imperial control. Alric will meet you in the city. Find your way to Maj'elka to find the Oracle.

  • Travel to Maj'elka.

Speak with Alric in Maj'elka.

You've reached the formidable walls of Maj'elka and entered the slums in hopes of avoiding detection. Near you, a portal opens and out steps Alric, in much better condition than when you saw him before. He beckons you closer so he can explain the next stage to his plan.

  • Speak with Alric in Maj'elka.

Find the Nagasa Sigils in Maj'elka and The Sapphire Quarter.

Alric has informed you that the way into The Oracle's Abode is sealed by four sigils, each representing one of the Nagasa castes. The sigils are hidden throughout the city of Maj'elka, and, to retrieve the sigils, he needs you to defeat the Immortal Empire forces around them. Find the Nagasa sigils!

  • Defeat the Imperial forces and find the Emerald Sigil.
  • Defeat the Imperial forces and find the Sapphire Sigil.
  • Defeat the Imperial forces and find the Ruby Sigil.
  • Defeat the Imperial forces and find the Diamond Sigil.

Enter The Oracle's Abode from Maj'elka.

Now that you have found the Nagasa sigils, the way to The Oracle's Abode has been revealed. Travel to her home in the corner of the city and meet with her.


Speak with the Oracle in The Oracle's Abode.

You've entered The Oracle's Abode, and Alric is standing at her side, motioning for you to speak with her. As you come closer to the Nagasa woman, she regards you with an odd look. She seems to recognize you, though that should be impossible. Speak with her to discover what she knows about how to defeat the Emperor.

  • Speak with the Oracle.

After washing up on a sandy beach, you and Alric made your way to Maj'elka in search of a woman known as the Oracle. After entering the city and finding the Nagasa sigils you were able to enter The Oracle's Abode and speak with her. The Oracle has informed you that the secret passage into The Immortal Citadel is in danger of being found due to the construction of the Empire's artificial waypoints. You must reach the artificial waypoint, use it to reach The Immortal Citadel, and disable it behind you!

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