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NameThe Purge of Maj'elka
ChapterChapter 14: Monolith of Fate
TypeSide Quest
Experience Reward1000
Gold Reward1000
Passive Points Reward0
Idol RewardNo

You have returned to the city of Maj’elka in the Imperial Era. Hastily constructed barricades and other signs of fighting between the undead and the living are all around. In the distance, you can hear the sound of the battle raging on.

Search the city and join the fighting.

  • Go to where the Outcasts are fighting

You’ve reached the heart of the action. There are Outcast rebels holed up around the city’s lower square. If you take this square, the battle front lines will be able to advance further into the city.

Defend the lower square!

  • Take the lower square

You have taken the lower square and driven the undead back. There are more Outcast rebels trapped further in the city in need of your help.

Advance to the upper square.

  • Advance to the upper square

You’ve reached the upper square where more of the Outcast rebels are trapped. If you can hold off the undead for long enough, it will be safe for the Outcasts to retreat!

Defend the upper square!

  • Take the upper square and defend it while the survivors flee

After fighting off wave after wave of the undead soldiers, a new threat appeared. An Imperial Officer has joined the fight, determined to put down the living rebellion.

Defeat the Imperial Officer!

  • Defeat the Imperial Commander

You found yourself in the city of Maj'elka amid a battle between the living and the undead. You quickly joined the Outcast rebels in the fight and pushed the Immortal Empire back far enough to evacuate the city.

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