Zone Name
WaypointQuestsTime Rift
The Forest TrailDivine Era11
The Travellers' CampDivine Era2
The Southern PlateauDivine Era2
The Ulatri CliffsDivine Era3
The Ulatri CliffsRuined Era41
Last Refuge OutskirtsRuined Era52
The Council ChambersRuined Era68
The Last ArchiveRuined Era6
Pannion's StudyRuined Era6
The PrecipiceRuined Era71The Ancient Cavern
The Upper DistrictRuined Era81
Erza's LibraryRuined Era8
The Ancient CavernAncient Era8
The ArmouryRuined Era9
The Lower DistrictRuined Era10
The Sheltered WoodRuined Era11
The SurfaceRuined Era13
The Forsaken TrailRuined Era14
Cultist CampRuined Era154
The Ruins of WelrynRuined Era16
The Abandoned TunnelRuined Era16
Welryn DocksRuined Era16
The Lost RefugeRuined Era17
Welryn UndercityRuined Era17
The Shattered ValleyRuined Era18The Ancient Forest
The Ancient ForestAncient Era18
The Ritual SiteRuined Era18
The CourtyardRuined Era19
The Temple of EterraRuined Era20
The Sealed ShrineRuined Era20
The Lotus HallsRuined Era22
The Ruined CollegeRuined Era23
The Sanctum BastilleRuined Era23
The Outcast CampImperial Era232
Welryn OutskirtsImperial Era23
Imperial WelrynImperial Era24
The Soul Wardens' RoadImperial Era24
The Risen LakeImperial Era241The Corrupted Lake
The Corrupted LakeRuined Era241
The Great CollegeImperial Era25
The Ruins of EtendellImperial Era25
The Heoborean ShrineDivine Era25
The Fallen TowerImperial Era26
Imperial ThetimaImperial Era27
The Darkling PierImperial Era28
The Imperial DreadnoughtImperial Era29
The Dreadnought's DeckImperial Era30
The Majasan DesertImperial Era311
The Shining CoveImperial Era311The Ruined Coast
The Wraith DunesImperial Era32
Maj'ElkaImperial Era33
The Sapphire QuarterImperial Era34The Ruins of Maj'Elka
The Ruins of Maj'ElkaRuined Era34
The Oracle's AbodeImperial Era352
The Maj'Elkan CatacombsImperial Era35
The Ruined CoastRuined Era35
Titan's CanyonImperial Era36
The Maj'Elka WaystationImperial Era36
The Desert WaystationImperial Era371
The Rust LandsImperial Era38The Verdant Lakes
The Verdant LakesAncient Era38
The Overgrown AlcoveAncient Era38
The Lower SewersImperial Era39
The Barren AqueductImperial Era40
Necropolis of the DeepImperial Era41
Yulia's HavenImperial Era422
The Upper NecropolisImperial Era42
The Citadel SewersImperial Era42
Nests of the FallenImperial Era42
The Fractured DrainImperial Era42
The Immortal SummitImperial Era43
The Immortal CitadelImperial Era43
The Gates of SolarumDivine Era441
The Burning ForestDivine Era45
The Scorched GroveDivine Era45
HeoboreaDivine Era463
The Heoborean ForestDivine Era46
The Nomad CampDivine Era461
The TundraDivine Era46
The Ice CavernsDivine Era46
The Wengari FortressDivine Era471
The Temple of HeorotDivine Era48
FarwoodDivine Era491
The Frozen RootsDivine Era49
The Solemn PathDivine Era50
The Northern StreamDivine Era50
The Tomb of MorditasDivine Era50
Smoldering GroveDivine Era511
Deep HarborDivine Era51
The Burning PierDivine Era511
Lake LiathDivine Era511
Liath's RoadDivine Era521
ThetimaDivine Era522
Lagon's IsleDivine Era522
EtendellDivine Era521
Liath's TowerDivine Era52
Moonlit ShrineDivine Era53
The Strand of StormsDivine Era53
The Coral PoolsDivine Era53
The Temple of LagonDivine Era531
The Temple DepthsDivine Era54
Sanctum of the ArchitectDivine Era54
Seafloor ColosseumDivine Era54
The End of TimeEnd of TimeScaled2
Realm of the ForgottenEnd of TimeScaled