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Drain LifeDrain Life
ClassLich level 5 skill
DescriptionChannelled spell that targets up to 3 enemies around the target location, dealing necrotic damage over time and leeching 30% of that damage back as health.

You have no mana regen while channelling.
Mana cost5
16.5 per second (if no cooldown)
Use Duration: 0.2s
Use Delay: 0.1s
Speed Multiplier: 3
Settle Low Priority Ratio: 0%
Scales With: Cast Speed
Scaling TagsNecroticSpellDoTChanneledAreaIntelligence
Per Point of Intelligence:
  • +4% increased Damage
NameDrain Life
Base Damage13.2 Necrotic
Critical Chance0%
Added Damage Scaling
Is Hit
NameDrain Life
+1 Stun Immunity
Skill Tree Nodes
Drain Life0
    Channelled spell that targets up to 3 enemies around the target location, dealing necrotic damage over time and leeching 30% of that damage back as health. You have no mana regen while channelling.
    Empowered Drain5
    • Damage +5% per point
    Drain Life deals more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers).
    Malignant Discharge5
    • Necrotic Explosion Damage +40% per point
    • Necrotic Explosion Area +40% per point
    Soul Blast deals more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers) in a larger area.
    Necrotic Feast1
    • Increased Health Leech 50%
    • Can Only Target Minions
    Drain Life can now only target minions. Drain Life has significantly increased health leech.
    Lay Waste1
    • Damage +40%
    • Does Not Leech Health
    Drain Life deals significantly more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers), but no longer leeches life.
    Soul Bond2
    • Soul Wisp Chance On Kill 6% per point
    Drain Life has a chance to summon a Soul Wisp when it kills an enemy, a minion that deals necrotic damage to enemies.
    Death's Barrier1
    • Ward Gain On Kill 15
    You are granted ward when Drain Life kills an enemy.
    • Slow Chance +25% per point
    • Fear Chance +25% per point
    Drain Life has a chance to slow and fear its targets each second.
    • Armour per Stack +10%
    • All Resistances per Stack +10%
    • Maximum Stacks 5
    You gain a stack of Contempt when you have channelled on the same enemy for 2 seconds. Contempt grants more armour (multiplicative with other modifiers) and adds to all resistances. All stacks of Contempt are lost when you stop channelling.
    Enduring Contempt4
    • Contempt Duration (Seconds) 2 per point
    Contempt stacks last for a duration after you stop channelling Drain Life.
    • Stun Duration +25% per point
    • Damage vs Bosses and Rares +25% per point
    The stun inflicted by Stagger lasts longer and Drain Life deals more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers) against bosses and rare enemies.
    • Channel Cost -10% per point
    Drain Life costs less mana per second.
    • Damned Stacks Applied 2 per point
    Drain Life applies stacks of Damned each second. Damned is an ailment that deals necrotic damage over time.
    Word Of Conviction3
    • Damned Duration +20% per point
    Damned inflicted by Drain Life lasts longer.
    Unholy Mass3
    • Damage Cap 21% per point
    • Damage Per Damned Stack +3%
    Drain Life deals 3% more damage per stack of Damned on enemies affected by Damned, up to a cap (multiplicative with other modifiers).
    Eternal Servitude1
    • Wandering Spirits does not expire while channeling
    If Wandering Spirits is active when you start channeling Drain Life it does not expire until you stop channeling.
    • Increased Health Leech 7% per point
    • Damage vs Low Health +7% per point
    Drain Life has increased health leech and deals more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers) to targets that are on low health.
    • Increased Health Leech 12% per point
    • Channel Cost +8% per point
    Drain Life has increased health leech, but costs more mana per second.
    Enduring Night2
    • Dark Shackle Duration (Seconds) +1 per point
    • Mana Cost +5 per point
    Dark Shackles lasts longer, but Drain Life costs more mana.
    Chilling Demise5
    • Chill Duration (Seconds) 1 per point
    When a target is killed by Drain Life, you chill enemies in an area around them for a duration.
    Soul Blast1
    • Soul Blast On Kill
    When a target is killed by Drain Life you cast Soul Blast at their location, dealing spell necrotic damage to enemies in an area around them.
    • Can Target Minions
    • Mana Gained Per Second 10
    Drain Life can now target your minions. You gain 10 mana per second for each minion you are draining.
    • Necrotic -> Poison Damage
    Drain Life's base necrotic damage is converted to poison damage. Consequently this damage scales with increases to poison damage, but not increases to necrotic damage. Swaps Drain Life's Necrotic tag for a Poison tag.
    Blood Pact1
    • Mana Cost 0
    • Current Health Cost Per Second 10%
    Drain Life no longer costs mana. Instead, you lose 10% of your current health per second while channelling. Nodes that modify mana drain now modify this health drain instead.
    Shadowy Tendril1
    • Additional Target
    Drain Life can drain an additional target.
    • Stuns Enemies After 2 Seconds
    • Stun Duration (Seconds) 2
    • Cooldown (Seconds) 8
    When Drain Life has channelled on the same target for 2 seconds, it stuns them for 2 seconds.
    Dark Shackles1
    • Drain Life Is Cast
    • Dark Shackle Duration (Seconds) +3
    • Mana Cost +60
    Drain Life is now cast instead of channelled. Lasts for 3 seconds. Adds an up-front mana cost, and this cost is affected by modifiers to mana drain, except for the Blood Pact node.
    Grasp Of The Damned1
    • Additional Targets +10
    • Slow Chance +100%
    • Mana Cost +20
    Dark Shackles can hit up to 10 additional targets, and slows enemies hit each second, but Drain Life costs significantly more mana.
    Circle of Sacrifice3
    • Ward Per Second per 10 Mana +2 per point
    • Increased Area 15% per point
    You gain ward over time while channelling based on your maximum mana. Drain Life can affect enemies in a wider area. This does not affect the maximum number of enemies you can drain from at a time.
    Cloak of Solitude1
    • Ward Retention per 1% Increased Area +1%
    • Increased Area Stats no longer affect Area
    Increased Area stats from this tree and other sources has no effect on Drain Life's area of effect, but instead grants you additional Ward Retention while channelling Drain Life.
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