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Lightning BlastLightning Blast
ClassMage level 1 skill
DescriptionHurl a bolt of lightning at the target
Mana cost3
1.467 per second (if no cooldown)
Use Duration: 0.75s
Use Delay: 0.25s
Speed Multiplier: 1
Settle Low Priority Ratio: 80%
Scales With: Cast Speed
Scaling TagsLightningSpellIntelligence
Per Point of Intelligence:
  • +4% increased Damage
NameLightning Blast
Base Damage21 Lightning
Critical Chance5%
Critical Multiplier200%
Added Damage Scaling
Is Hit
Skill Tree Nodes
Lightning Blast0
    Hurl a bolt of lightning at the target
    Surging Influence1
    • Chain Range +50%
    Lightning Blast chains have increased range.
    Crackling Speed4
    • Cast Speed +5% per point
    Lightning Blast has increased cast speed.
    • Hit Damage Against Shocked Enemies +12% per point
    • Hit Damage Against Chilled Enemies +12% per point
    Lightning Blast hits deal more damage to chilled or shocked enemies (multiplicative with other modifiers).
    Blinding Light3
    • Blind Chance +15% per point
    Lightning Blast hits have a chance to blind enemies.
    Halo Effect4
    • Spark Nova Chance 25% per point
    Lightning Blast has a chance to create a Spark Nova around the first enemy hit. Spark Nova deals spell lightning damage to all enemies in a small area.
    Volatile Lightning4
    • Shock Chance +15% per point
    Lightning Blast hits have a chance to shock enemies.
    Bitter Burst5
    • Freeze Rate Multiplier +40% per point
    Lightning Blast has a higher chance to freeze enemies.
    Positive Protection3
    • Ward On Hit +2 per point
    Lightning Blast hits grant you ward.
    Effluent Defense2
    • Ward Gained Per Mana Spent 1 per point
    Casting Lightning Blast grants you ward per mana spent. This only counts the upfront mana cost, not the channelling cost if Lightning Blast is channelled.
    Storm Razor3
    • Base Critical Strike Chance +1% per point
    • Damage +5% per point
    Improves Lightning Blast's base critical strike chance, and Lightning Blast deals more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers).
    • Added Lightning Damage +2
    • Lightning Blast Can Fork Or Chain
    Lightning Blast hits have added lightning damage, and Lightning Blast chains can fork in addition to chain.
    Lightning Attunement2
    • Lightning Aegis Chance On Cast 5% per point
    When you cast Lightning Blast you have a chance to be granted Lightning Aegis, which grants 50% increased lightning damage and 25% less damage taken. Lightning Aegis causes an explosion of lightning damage when you lose 25% of your health or after 10 seconds.
    • Doublecast Chance 6% per point
    • Critical Multiplier +10% per point
    Lightning Blast has a chance to double cast, and Lightning Blast critical strikes deal more damage. Lightning Blast cannot double cast if it is channelled or cast by another skill.
    • Damage +20% per point
    • Less Bonus Damage Per Chain 25%
    Lightning Blast deals more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers), but this damage bonus is lessened each time Lightning Blast chains.
    Cloud Answer3
    • Spark Charge Chance On Hit 10% per point
    Lightning Blast hits have a chance to apply a Spark Charge.
    Mortal Capacitor5
    • Spark Charge Damage +40% per point
    Spark Charges applied by Lightning Blast deal more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers).
    Final Spark1
    • Detonate Spark Charges
    If Lightning Blast hits an enemy already affected by Spark Charge the Spark Charge explodes, dealing lightning damage to all nearby enemies.
    Innate Conduit1
    • Out-Of-Mana Cost 0
    • Cannot Chain
    While out of mana, Lightning Blast has no cost, but cannot chain.
    • Quadruple Cast Chance 25%
    When double casting, Lightning Blast instead has a chance to quadruple cast. Lightning Blast cannot quadruple cast if it is channelled.
    Countenance of Mana2
    • Mana Cost Per Second if Lightning Blast Cannot Chain -10 per point
    Reduces Lightning Blast's channel cost if Lightning Blast cannot chain.
    Arcing Power4
    • Maximum Additional Chains 1 per point
    • Additional Chains Per Recent Direct Cast 1
    Lightning Blast chains an additional time for each Lightning Blast you have directly cast recently up to a maximum.
    Closed Circuit1
    • Chains To Allies
    • Increased Damage Granted 15%
    • Increased Crit Chance Granted 40%
    Lightning Blast can now chain to you or your allies, granting increased damage and critical strike chance.
    Supercharged Floes1
    • Lightning Damage -> Cold Damage
    • Shock Chance -> Chill Chance
    • Freeze Rate 46
    Lightning Blast now has a chance to freeze and its base lightning damage is converted to cold damage. Consequently this damage scales with increases to cold damage, but not increases to lightning damage. Shock chance from this tree is converted to chill chance.
    Insidious Conduction1
    • Lightning Blast Is Channelled
    • Mana Cost Per Second 40
    • Casts Between Chaining 4
    • Ward On Hit -50%
    Lightning Blast is now a powerful channelled attack, hitting enemies caught within it but costs mana per second to channel and provides less ward when you hit enemies. You do not regenerate mana while channelling. This is incompatible with the Focal Blast node. If you have taken both, this will not work. Lightning Blast cannot double cast and only chains every 5th cast if it is channelled. Lightning blast hits grant half as much ward from the Positive Protection node and have 50% reduced chance to apply ailments.
    Chain Lightning4
    • Maximum Additional Chains +1 per point
    • Mana Cost +3 per point
    Lightning blast can chain additional times, but costs more mana.
    Focal Blast1
    • Lightning Blast Deals Damage In A Line
    • Damage Per Maximum Additional Chains +30%
    Lightning Blast now deals damage to all enemies in a line, but no longer chains or forks. Lightning Blast hits deal more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers) for each time it would have chained (up to your maximum). This node is incompatible with the Insidious Conduction node. If you have taken both, Insidious Conduction will not work.
    • Lightning Blast Chains Only To First Target Hit
    • Half Maximum Chains
    Lightning Blast chains now hit the same target after a delay, but no longer chains to additional enemies. Lightning Blast chains half as many times rounded up.
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