ClassSorcerer Mastery Skill
DescriptionCall a meteor from the sky that deals a large amount of damage upon landing. Added damage is applied at 900% effectiveness.
Mana cost56
1.257 per second (if no cooldown)
Use Duration: 0.7s
Use Delay: 0.2s
Speed Multiplier: 0.8
Settle Low Priority Ratio: 40%
Scales With: Cast Speed
Scaling TagsFireSpellAreaIntelligence
Per Point of Intelligence:
  • +4% increased Damage
Base Damage180 Fire
Critical Chance5%
Critical Multiplier200%
Added Damage Scaling
Is Hit
Skill Tree Nodes
    Call a meteor from the sky that deals a large amount of damage upon landing. Added damage is applied at 900% effectiveness.
    Infernal Descent5
    • Damage +10% per point
    • Cast Speed -5% per point
    Meteor deals more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers), but Meteor has reduced cast speed.
    Celestial Celerity3
    • Cast Speed +20% per point
    • Fall Speed +20% per point
    • Mana Cost +20% per point
    Meteor has increased cast speed, but costs more mana. Meteors fall faster.
    Crushing Force5
    • Damage +7% per point
    • Damage To Full Health Enemies +7% per point
    Meteor deals more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers) and even more against enemies at full health.
    Jagged Fragments5
    • Shrapnel Damage +60% per point
    Shrapnel deals more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers).
    Rapid Break Up3
    • Speed and Range +40% per point
    Shrapnel travels faster, causing it to travel further.
    Piercing Remnants1
    • Shrapnel Pierces
    • Shrapnel Speed and Range -20%
    Shrapnel projectiles pierce (continue through targets they hit), but travel slower.
    Force of Impact5
    • Increased Stun Chance 50% per point
    • Increased Stun Duration 25% per point
    Meteor has a chance to stun enemies and stuns it inflict last longer.
    Rapid Descent5
    • Fall Speed +20% per point
    Meteor falls faster.
    Distant Craters5
    • Damage +15% per point
    • Fall Radius +15% per point
    Meteor deals more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers), but meteors fall further apart.
    Meteor Shower3
    • Number Of Meteors +1 per point
    • Radius -15% per point
    More Meteors fall per cast, but individual Meteors deal damage in a smaller area.
    Rapid Impacts3
    • Fall Frequency +35% per point
    Meteors fall more frequently. This does not affect the total number of Meteors that fall.
    Mana Fall4
    • Mana Efficiency +10% per point
    Meteor costs less mana.
    Apocalyptic Impact5
    • Area +25% per point
    Meteors deals damage in a larger area of effect.
    • Base Crit Chance +2% per point
    • Large Meteor Chance 10% per point
    • Large Meteor Area of Effect +100%
    Improves Meteor's base critical strike chance. Meteor has a chance to deal damage in a significantly larger area.
    Astral Cataclysm3
    • Critical Multiplier +30% per point
    Meteor critical strikes deal more damage.
    Rain of Fire1
    • Number Of Meteors +1
    More Meteors fall per cast.
    • Portion of Mana Cost Recovered 16% per point
    After you cast Meteor you recover a portion of the mana spent over the next three seconds. You can only recover mana from one cast at once, so if you cast meteor again within three seconds you lose the remaining mana you would have recovered from the first cast.
    • Craterborn Fire Penetration 15% per point
    • Craterborn Increased Cast Speed 15%
    • Craterborn Duration (seconds) 6
    Casting Meteor grants the Craterborn buff, granting additional fire penetration and increased cast speed for a short duration. Craterborn does not stack.
    Cycle of Fire3
    • Ward Gained 10 per point
    • Mana Gained 2 per point
    Casting Fireball while you have Craterborn grants ward and restores your mana.
    • Non-Fire Damage +20% per point
    Meteors deal more damage of all types except fire (multiplicative with other modifiers).
    Shattering Star2
    • Shrapnel Chance 50% per point
    Meteor has a chance to break into Shrapnel on impact, hitting nearby enemies.
    Twin Meteors1
    • Number Of Meteors +1
    • Mana Cost +70
    An additional Meteor falls within a 4m radius of the first, but meteor costs much more mana.
    Infernal Column1
    • Meteors Fall In A Line
    • Mana Cost +15%
    Meteors fall in a line towards where you aim, but Meteor costs more mana.
    World Ender1
    • Always Crits When Above 400 Mana
    Meteor always crits if you have more than 400 mana before you cast it.
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