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Serpent StrikeSerpent Strike
ClassPrimalist level 20 skill
DescriptionRequires a spear.

A melee attack with 140% poison chance.

Poisons inflicted by serpent strike last 40% longer.
Mana cost0
1.467 per second (if no cooldown)
Use Duration: 0.75s
Use Delay: 0.22s
Speed Multiplier: 1
Settle Low Priority Ratio: 50%
Scales With: Attack Speed
Scaling TagsPhysicalPoisonMeleeStrengthDexterity
Per Point of Strength:
  • +4% increased Damage
Per Point of Dexterity:
  • +4% increased Damage
  • +4% Chance to Poison on Melee Hit
NameSerpent Strike
Base Damage2 Physical
Critical Chance5%
Critical Multiplier200%
Added Damage Scaling
Is Hit
Ailments on Hit
Target Type: Enemy
Poison (Chance: 140%, Increased Duration: 40%)
Skill Tree Nodes
Serpent Strike0
    Requires a spear. A melee attack with 140% poison chance. Poisons inflicted by serpent strike last 40% longer.
    Culling Point3
    • Kill Threshold 6% per point
    Serpent Strike hits have a chance to instantly kill enemies that are below a threshold (a percentage of their maximum health).
    • Freeze Rate +20 per point
    Serpent Strike hits have a higher chance to freeze enemies.
    Spirit Viper1
    • Serpent Venom Damage per Vitality +2%
    • Mana Gain with at least 50 Vitality 1
    Serpent Venom deals more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers) based on your Vitality, and if you have 50 Vitality you regain mana when you inflict an enemy with Serpent Venom or refresh its duration.
    Poison Tipped5
    • Poison Chance +8% per point
    • Melee Damage Per Poison +1% per point
    • Max Melee Damage Bonus +12% per point
    Serpent Strike hits have a higher chance to poison on hit and they deal more melee damage per stack of poison on the target, up to a limit.
    Venemous Union1
    • Venom Novas on Lunge (12 Second Cooldown) 2
    When you lunge forwards with Serpent Strike, if you have a Primal Scorpion it casts its companion ability, Venom Nova, twice, once centred on itself, and once centred on you. This effect has a 12 second cooldown, but ignores Venom Nova's regular cooldown and does not put it on cooldown.
    • Damage per Stack Consumed 5% per point
    • Stacks Gained per 0.5 Seconds 1
    • Max Constrictor Stacks 4
    You gain a stack of Constrictor every 0.5 seconds, up to a maximum of 4. When you use Serpent Strike all stacks are consumed causing the attack to deal more damage per stack (multiplicative with other modifiers).
    • Poison Chance per Stack +16% per point
    • Poison Duration per Stack +4% per point
    Each stack of Constrictor also grants Serpent Strike additional poison chance and increased poison duration when consumed
    Sapping Coils2
    • Mana per Stack Consumed 1 per point
    You regain mana when you consume a stack of Constrictor.
    • Dodge Rating per Use +4% per point
    You have more dodge rating (multiplicative with other modifiers) for each time you have used Serpent Strike in the last 4 seconds.
    Gouging Spear5
    • Bleed Chance +20% per point
    Serpent Strike hits have a chance to cause enemies to bleed.
    Hydra Strikes3
    • Attack Speed +5% per point
    Serpent Strike has increased attack speed.
    Corrosive Venom5
    • Armour Shred Chance +20% per point
    Serpent Strike hits have a chance to shred enemy armor and posion resistance.
    Devour Prey2
    • Health Gained On Kill 6 per point
    • Health Gained On Crit 6 per point
    You regain health when Serpent Strikes kills or critically strikes an enemy.
    Eye of the Viper3
    • Critical Multiplier +25% per point
    Serpent Strike's critical strikes deal more damage.
    Vicious Strikes3
    • Primal Serpent Attack Speed +10% per point
    • Primal Serpent Health Granted On Melee Hit 10 per point
    Primal Serpents have increased melee attack speed and are granted health when they hit enemies with a melee attack.
    Iron Scales3
    • Primal Serpent Health +60% per point
    • Primal Serpent Armour +160 per point
    Primal Serpents have more health (multiplicative with other modifiers) and additional armour
    Emerald Fangs3
    • Primal Serpent Poison Chance +35% per point
    • Primal Serpent Frailty Chance +35% per point
    Primal Serpents's hits have an additional chance to poison enemies and inflict frailty.
    Guardian Spear1
    • Heal Serpent Instead of Resummoning
    • Serpent Damage Buff on Heal 65%
    • Damage Buff Duration (Seconds) 10
    Instead of summoning a new serpent when the Primal Serpent node's effect triggers, you heal your current serpent to full health and it deals more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers) for 10 seconds. This damage buff can stack.
    Primal Serpent1
    • Maximum Primal Serpents 1
    • Summon Chance on Kill 12%
    • Summon Chance on Rare or Boss Hit 2%
    When Serpent Strike kills an enemy or hits a rare or boss enemy, you have a chance to summon a Primal Serpent.
    Serpent Venom2
    • Serpent Venom Chance 50% per point
    Serpent Strike hits have a chance to inflict Serpent Venom, an ailment that deals poison damage over time and prevents enemies from landing critical strikes. It lasts 3 seconds and cannot stack.
    Cobra Lunge1
    • Lunge if Slightly Out of Range
    When you attempt to use Serpent Strike against a target that is slightly out of range you will lunge forwards before attacking.
    Frostwyrm's Fury1
    • Base Damage -> Cold 100%
    • Freeze Rate 40
    • Bleed Chance -> Frostbite
    Serpent Strike now has a chance to freeze and its base physical damage is converted to cold damage. Consequently this damage scales with increases to cold damage, but not increases to physical damage. Bleed chance from all sources is converted to Frostbite chance.
    Biting Winds3
    • Cold Penetration with Frostbite +15% per point
    • Frostbite Duration +15% per point
    Frosbite inflicted by Serpent Strike lasts longer and has additional cold penetration
    Shroud of Winter1
    • Dodge Rating on Use per 10% Cold Resistance 4
    When you use Serpent Strike you gain additional dodge rating based on your uncapped cold resistance for four seconds. This buff can stack an unlimited number of times.
    Swirling Carnage1
    • Bleed Chance per Maelstrom +2%
    • Damage over Time per Maelstrom +2%
    Each active stack of Maelstrom grants Serpent Strike additional Chance to Bleed on Hit and more damage damage over time (multiplicative with other modifiers).
    Steel Eater1
    • Armour Shred Effect per Dexterity +4%
    Armour Shred inflicted by Serpent Strike has an increased effect based on your Dexterity.
    Shattered Immunity3
    • Serpent Venom Damage per Poison vs High Health +2% per point
    • Serpent Venom Damage per Frostbite vs High Health +2% per point
    Serpent Venom deals more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers) to high health enemies based on the number of poison and frostbite stacks on them.
    Fast Acting Toxins1
    • Serpent Venom Damage per Melee Crit Chance +2%
    • Serpent Venom Speed with >50% Melee Crit Chance +100%
    Serpent Venom deals more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers) based on your melee critical strike chance. If your melee crit chance is above 50% then Serpent Venom deals its damage twice as quickly. This does not increase the total damage it deals over its full duration, but rather halves its duration and doubles its damage per second.
    Dread Fang3
    • Poison Penetration +15% per point
    Ailments applied by Serpent Strike and Primal Serpents have additional poison penetration.
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